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Potassium Chloride LR

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Potassium Chloride LR

Product Specification

Particulars of the sample:
Name of Sample: Ammonium Chloride LR
Batch Size: 1000 kg
Analysis Required: As per LR

Results of Analysis & Protocols of Tests Applied:

1 Description White crystalline powder.
2 Solubility Freely soluble in water.
3 Identification Gives Reaction Of K Salt & Chlorides
4 Clarity & Color of soln. 10%W/V Sample Solution Is Clear & Colourless.
5 Acidity Or Alkalinity Not More Than 0.5 Ml Of 0.01 M Naoh Or 0.01 M Hcl To Change Colour
6 Arsenic Less Than 1 PPM.
7 Barium Less Than 10 PPM.
8 Bromides & Iodides Less Than 10 PPM.
9 Calcium & Magnesium Less Than 100 PPM.
10 Iron Less Than 20 PPM.
11 Heavy Metals Less Than 10 PPM
12 Basic Sulphate Less Than 300 PPM
13 Loss On Drying Less Than 1.0%
14 Assay Betn 99.0% to 100.5% cal. on dried basis.
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